About Z-Guard®
                                                                                                Last Updated:1st June 2020 

Z-Guard® has been established since 1977 manufacturing sacrificial anodes to the Leisure Marine Industry. We are a division of Marine Cathodic Protection System and produce our own anodes at our foundry in the South Shields, UK.  

We pride ourselves on quality and anodes are cast to the highest possible standards of both appearance and specification. 

Z-Guard® zinc anodes are produced in accordance with the US Military Specification No 18001K. 

A-Guard® Aluminium anodes are produced to the recommended Al-Zn-In type and have DNV-GL Type Approval alloy. 

M-Guard® Magnesium anodes are produced with a high purity alloy. 

We pride ourselves on quality and anodes are cast to the highest possible standards of both appearance and specification. 

How to Buy?
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